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Comprehensive Payroll Services

We help small to medium sized businesses in Alberta take the pain out of payroll management and source deduction remittance.

We think your time is better spent running your business than managing payroll. With our computerized payroll system, you can be confident that your payroll will be handled with compliance, accuracy, and consistency.

In addition to calculating EI, CPP, and taxes to be deducted from employees, our experts will also help you manage taxable benefits, statutory holidays, vacation pay, overtime, and specific rules regarding working hours.

Payroll Services How It Works

It's simple. Each payroll period, send us your employee information summaries (including hourly logs) by fax, email or phone.

We process the payroll efficiently and then email, fax, or mail the cheque stubs and payroll reports back to you

Source Deduction Reports & Remittance

We produce a source deductions remittance report each month so that you can make your payment to Canada Revenue Agency on time.

Alternatively, you can leave cheques with us and we will ensure that your remittance is made on time each month.

Record of Employment (ROE)

When an employee leaves and a Record of Employment is required, we have all the information to generate this form and file it for you.


Computerized payroll also ensures that T4’s are accurate and issued in a timely fashion.

Annual Payroll Summary Report

We can also generate a report to ensure that your annual return is accurate when filing WCB.

You can count on us. Contact us to find out more.

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Client Testimonials

  • "I have been very happy with everything Key Accounting has done for me over the years, both in my business and in my personal finances."
    - Curtis N.